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    Biogas a sustainable replacement for LPG and Natural Gas

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    Offering Higest Quality Technical Fabrics Since 1960s

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    Installation in ONE day

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    The most cost effective biogas system available in the market

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    Scalable and Modular Digesters

FOV Biogas

FOV biogas India offers technical fabric based digesters for biogas generation. Since the 1960s, FOV Fabrics AB, Sweden has been a reputed hi-tech textile company supplying textiles for army applications, air bag fabrics, almelon textiles, smart textiles, concrete reinforcement textiles, etc. We produce more than 15 million m2 textiles every year, shipped all over the world. Over 7 years of research and development has led to the development of FOV digesters.

Innovative Plug Flow biogas digester

FOV Biogas offers digesters from 1 m3 up to 1000 m3 in size in single or multiple units. FOV Biogas has successfully completed more than 100+ installations in India and abroad using various organic feedstock’s such food waste, cow dung, night soil biogas plants and multi feedstock based biogas plants. There are several factors which are carefully studied before designing a biogas reactor. The type of waste, location of the biogas plant, end usage of gas among other factors